Black Excellence MMSD Thriving Through Adversity Workshop Series

"Thriving Through Adversity" is a collection of Urban Triage, Inc.-led workshops focused around a bold approach to supporting and advocating for Black families.

In partnership with Madison Metropolitan School District Black Excellence Think Tank and Urban Triage, we are proud to have presented Thriving Through Adversity, a collection of workshops focused around a bold approach to supporting and advocating for black families in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

In April 2019, the Black Excellence Think Tank was challenged with the task of creating a new, safer, and engaging space for Black families. One of the initial community partners to step up to the challenge was Urban Triage, Inc. At Urban Triage, we began to do expansive research around what resources and workshops would best engage and support Black families.

Amid the planning and piloting, the world as we knew it changed forever. COVID-19 hit and the population affected the most was our Black families. To support families through the pandemic, Urban Triage shifted its focus to create supports specific to the needs of Black families created by COVID-19. We began to ask what the world would look like for our families after the pandemic. Would the job market be the same? Would our children need additional supports? What would the “new normal” look like? How could we support our families to Thrive Through Adversity?

In response to these questions, Urban Triage hosted a number of workshops in 2020 to help provide the answers.

Urban Triage, Inc. Thriving Through Adversity Workshop Series:

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