About Urban Triage, Inc.

Returning to our past to heal for our future.

Urban Triage, Inc. is on a mission to empower Black families while mobilizing community resources and distributing them to those most in need. At the same time, we engage systems in implementing systematic, sustainable, equitable, and clinically sound approaches to health behavior and prevention. We are poised to do this through education, community support services, and advocacy that systematically reduces and eventually works to eliminate barriers such as inadequate education, lack of access to resources, and class and health disparities. 

Our goal is to promote positive health outcomes and reduce significant health disparities at the community level. We do this through meeting basic needs and then engaging communities through educational opportunities and effective advocacy at multiple levels. We stand in the gap for those most in need through advocacy, transformative education, and critical coordinated services between partner organizations, city officials, and community resources. Most critically, with the community's trust and track record to carry out the work.

Community donations and small grants have allowed us to connect directly with the Black community and has created the opportunity for historical work with our collaborators such as Urban League of Greater Madison, The Black Women’s Wellness Center, and many others. Additional funding will assist us in continuing our work in centering Black voices and allow us to cultivate a physical space designed to empower, educate, and encourage personal change.

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In response to COVID-19 and the compounded effects of health inequities rooted in structural racism, we have expanded our programming and support services to align with the needs of those most vulnerable in our community.

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