Supporting Healthy Black Youth

Engaging Dane County's Youth


Urban Triage is proud to collaborate with the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and Public Health of Madison and Dane County (PHMDC) in an initiative dedicated to the well-being and personal growth of students at LaFollette High School and Capital High. Our program, Supporting Healthy Youth, provides transformative workgroups, comprehensive support, workforce development opportunities, and introduces innovative strategies aimed to:

  • Decrease truancy
  • Improve academic performance
  • Prevent violence both inside and outside of school


Our workgroups are thoughtfully designed to meet students where they are. It's not just about providing support; it’s about transformation through engagement and understanding.

These workgroups offer activities such as:

  • Hip Hop
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Healing and Personal Development


We surround students with a network of services:

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Leadership Training
  • Financial Literacy Programs
  • Music Production
  • Spoken Word
  • Creative Arts
  • Curriculum on Socio-emotional Learning
  • Leisure Activities

Through participation, students not only gain valuable experience but also have the chance to earn graduation credits through experiential learning initiatives.

Support extends beyond the students—parents are engaged to foster a nurturing environment for the entire family.


In partnership with Prodigal System Academy, Urban Triage presents a remarkable opportunity for students interested in construction and trades, and focuses on providing comprehensive carpentry training with a specialization in wood framing. Through this program students will earn:

  • $20 per hour wage during training
  • OSHA certification
  • Work credits

This opportunity will take place at Prodigal's new factory located a mere 10 minutes from Sun Prairie, in Morrisville. Transportation to the training site will be provided.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit our Supporting Healthy Black Employment page.


Urban Triage is excited to pave this path for youth development and contribute to building a future filled with opportunity. Join us in supporting healthy youth in our community!



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