Supporting Healthy Black Families (SHBF) Unhoused Neighbors Initiative

Urban Triage, Inc. addresses gaps in services for people experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurities 

The Name of Our Initiative Has Changed 

Originally called the "Homeless Outreach Program" is now known as our SHBF Unhoused Neighbors Initiative. We have made this change to express the importance of centering humanity and making one lasting statement: being unhoused does not mean you do not have a home. Although the name of our outreach has changed, our work remains the same. We are committed to addressing housing insecurities and connecting our most vulnerable neighbors to the resources they need the most.

Our Initiative 

Our SHBF Unhoused Neighbors Initiative is designed to be the initial contact point for many experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurity in the City of Madison and the Dane County area. We employ a team of 4 Outreach Specialists who go out into the community three times per week to locate, identify, and build relationships with those who are experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurity to engage them for the purpose of providing immediate support, intervention, and connections with other organizations through our partnership with the Homeless Consortium--providing advocacy and direct access points. 

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