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Urban Triage, Inc. is on a mission to redefine Black Excellence

Urban Triage, Inc. is on a mission to re-define Black Excellence.

Black excellence is hard to define, judging by our own definitions of what it means to be successful.

The notable difference between Black Excellence and white excellence is that white excellence is achieved without meeting resistance in the form of institutional racism.

Racism is weird in that it produces pockets of success and then promotes itself as being on the wane. It goes so far as to say that one Black face in an ocean of whiteness is progress. The Obamas were the picture of respectable Black excellence, but what followed? Black families and children in the United States still have the highest education gap, the largest health disparities, and are 6.5 times more likely in Wisconsin to die from COVID-19 then our counterparts.

Urban Triage, Inc. provided safe space, the tools, and the support for developing analysis around whose metrics are used to define Black Excellence, Black children, and by design, Black people.

Black greatness can not be dictated by the very systems used to denigrate Black people. As a result, we launched 12 workshops in 2020 to support Black families, youth, and co-conspirators in redefining Black Excellence and healing through adversity.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to unpack the consequences of existing through the lens of racism.

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Centering Blackness IS OUR Bold Statement!! #BlackExcellenceMMSD #UrbanTriage #ForUsByUs

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