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Housing Resource List

Our Housing Resource List is a searchable database of possible housing vacancies and housing resources for those looking for housing. Please visit our Housing Resources page by clicking the link below.

Housing Resource List

THIS LIST IS NOT SUBSIDIZED OR EMERGENCY HOUSING: Fair Market Rates (FMR) have been established by HUD to identify affordable housing options. Many apartments in this document fall within FMR rates for the Dane County, WI HUD Metro FMR area. This database is designed to assist individuals who are searching for affordable housing. This list is not intended to be an all-inclusive vacancy and resource listing for Dane County. 

Below are the housing resources by available bedrooms for March 2024:

0-1 Bedrooms

2-3 Bedrooms

4+ Bedrooms

DISCLAIMER: Urban Triage and Housing Navigation Services are not responsible for the conditions, terms of leases, or quality of management services of the units on this list. You are responsible for inspecting and obtaining information about the housing and management services you are interested in. The majority of this list is comprised of ads from MadisonProperty.com and Craigslist websites.

Housing Services

At the heart of our mission, Urban Triage is dedicated to serving those most in need with a comprehensive suite of services designed to uplift individuals and families. We operate on the core belief that everyone deserves to have their unmet needs addressed – whether they be youth or adults seeking refuge from the relentless challenges of homelessness or housing insecurity. Our services are not merely transactions; they encompass a trauma-informed approach infused with an unwavering commitment to uphold the dignity of every person we assist. In recognizing the full humanity of our clients, we engage with them at their exact point of need, without casting judgment or stigma. There hasn't been a single case where our support didn't make a positive impact, whether through active listening, connecting individuals to vital resources, or providing hands-on assistance in navigating complex services. At Urban Triage, you're not just finding a place to call home; you're embraced by a dedicated team who go beyond conventional measures to ensure your journey is met with profound empathy and truly effective solutions.

Our housing programs include:

Our housing services include:

  • Chronic Documentation: Assisting individuals in securing the necessary paperwork and records required for housing applications and government programs.
  • Housing Navigation Services: Guiding our clients through the complexities of finding and securing sustainable housing.
  • Outreach Programs: Reaching out to those in need where they are, offering support and connection to essential services.
  • Rapid Rehousing: Providing immediate assistance to help homeless individuals and families quickly transition into their own homes.
  • Transitional Housing: Offering a temporary residence for those in the process of securing permanent housing.

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