Black History Month Campaign 2021

Celebrating Black People, Black Culture and Black Love

Happy Black History Month!! Urban Triage is in the business of celebrating Black-ness 365 days a year! 

This year we would like to invite you to become a partner in celebrating Black communities by allocating resources that empower, encourage, and inspire Black businesses and Black families into action. 

Black people are vulnerable for many reasons which are now compounded by a triple pandemic: 

  1. COVID-19
  2. Social Injustices
  3. Economic Insecurities. 

It is up to us as a community to do and give when and where we can to offset the compounded effect of the triple pandemic. Leading to hope, community building, and action vs indifference. 

Join us! Live inspired! Click Here to join the Movement!

Our aim is to raise $100,000 to support Black Entrepreneurs, businesses, and families. Funds will be distributed to Black businesses to support overhead costs, start-up costs, website development, marketing, supplies / materials, etc. Funds will also be allocated to Black families for rental support, utilities support, and misc. funding.   

Up to $25,000 of funds raised will be matched: every dollar, up to $25,000. Donate now!

Our Black History Campaign Includes: 

  • Weekly online legal clinics and panels on various topics, ranging from PPP loans to building a website on a budget, "Being an Artist: Building your Brand and Revenue", "Consulting: The Do's, Don'ts and the Must-Haves", "Food Businesses: Permits, licensing & articles of incorporation" and "Boutiques, Vendors & Wholesale: What's required and how to get started".
  • Weekly spotlight of a Black business who will also take part in a panel and/or legal clinic.
  • Black Business Directory via our website and newsletter
  • We'll promote our spotlighted business along with other Black businesses on our website and newsletter. Please click here to review our Black Business Directory. Click here to add a Black Business to our Directory.
  • We'll highlight Black banks & financial institutes across our country.
  • We're hosting numerous events online, including Legal Clinics every Wednesday at 1 PM via our FB page.

Our first legal clinic will be Feb. 3rd.

"Boutiques, Wholesale, Vendors: What's required and how to get started", hosted by Urban Triage and UW Law Clinic, spotlighting Bo2slady Designs, which is owned and operated by LaTanya Webbs inside West Towne Mall.

Register here for ALL legal clinics.

We'll update our website and Facebook page with all legal clinics and other event information by February 8th.

Other events include:

  • "Building a website with little or no budget," hosted by Urban Triage & Ten Forward Consulting on 2/11/21
  • "Applying for PPP2," hosted by Urban Triage, Scholz Law & MABEE on 2/12/21
  • "Black History is their his-story: The Making of Black Homelessness in Madison WI" on 2/19/21
  • "African Diaspora--providing meal boxes and live instructions" on 2/26/2016 hosted by Urban Triage & Palate Pleasures
  • Nothing Was Given Workout Class by Personal Trainer Andrew Walls at the Urban Triage Community Center! You do not want to miss this. Andrew will be doing hour long workout classes (at a social distance, of course) six days a week. Contact him directly at to sign up and come to our legal clinics Wednesdays at 1:00 PM for a chance to win class passes! 

Register here to participate in our African Diaspora live meal event.  Meal boxes will be dropped off on 2/25/2021. The last day to sign up is 2/22/2021.

We're super excited!! Thank you for joining us in celebrating Black economic empowerment, Black business, Black culture, Black history, Black Love, and Black people.

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