Urban Triage is founded and grounded in transformational education and learning that utilizes a framework to provide support for people as they embark on a journey of self-discovery. Our methodology expands self-awareness of the basic structures in which we know, think, and act. From knowing, and awareness comes fundamental shifts that are the direct cause for a new kind of freedom and personal POWER. Leaving people permanently changed.  Click here to learn more.

Your Community Nonprofit; For the People, by the People.
Community Led, Community Funded.

Our mission is to foster, develop, and strengthen Black economic power, Black families’ self-sufficiency, community leadership, advocacy, and family success through transformational education, psycho-education, community engagement, trauma recovery,  and cultural heritage.  Click here for more information


Provided more than $500K supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.

people & small businesses

More than 8,000 individuals and small businesses served through our coordinated services and efforts.


More than 2,000 families supported through our advocacy and funding support.


10,000+ meals provided to the community. 

Rental Assistance & New Office Space!

Urban Triage and Dane County Human Services are proud to present our rental support program as part of the Dane County CORE 2.0 collaboration with the City of Madison, Community Action Coalition (CAC), and Tenant Resource Center (TRC). 

Staff and volunteers at Urban Triage are eager to begin providing exceptional customer service to our community through our stigma-free call center and in-person drop-in hours for residents who live outside of the City of Madison. 

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Supporting Healthy Black Families (SHBF) Unhoused Neighbors Initiative

SHBF Unhoused Neighbors Initiative

Urban Triage's Unhoused Neighbors Initiative is designed to be the initial contact point for those experiencing homelessness and/or housing insecurity in the City of Madison and the Dane County area. We employ a team of 10 Outreach Specialists who go out into the community three times per week to locate, identify, and build relationships with those who are experiencing homelessness/housing insecurity. 

Our Outreach Specialists provide immediate support, intervention, and connections with homeless assistance programs and/or mainstream social services and housing programs, and help guide them through the housing process. 

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Urban Triage, Dane County to provide emergency rental assistance

Urban Triage in partnership with Dane County provides 10.5 million dollars in rental assistance 

"In partnership with Dane County, Urban Triage has improved processes to assure the prompt allocation of funds to families in need of financial assistance for rental arrears, fees, and forward rent. We're eager to offer stigma-free and humanity-centered supports to our community. This moment is historic for many reasons; most importantly, we are an organization for the people, by the people, grassroots, Black centered, and community-based providing supports for all...in partnership with Dane County. It's a big deal. We're excited"-Brandi Grayson

Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers (DCCBSP) Rental Assistance

DCCBSP Rental Assistance Support

As a result of applicants' needs, DCCBSP has come together to provide support to community members through the CORE Rental Assistance Program. We're offering virtual and in-person support with CORE applications to ensure that they're complete, accurate, and moves through the acceptance process with no or minimal setbacks.  

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Volunteer To Support!

Urban Triage is Hiring!!

Do you want a job that inspires you and pushes you to new heights? Are you ready to work towards real change? 

We're looking for 10 highly motivated self-starters to join the Urban Triage Team! Starting pay is $19-$24/hour based on experience. Full and part-time positions are available! 

Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture (SHBA)

Returning to the earth to heal from our past.

Through advocacy, transformative education, collaboration, and connecting to nature, Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture (SHBA) addresses the root of health disparities and inequalities in our community.

 Our mission is to bring sustainability back into agriculture and it starts with reenlisting the population with the most experience cultivating American soil, Black families. We dive into the many societal pressures that keep Black people from pursuing agriculture careers such as land access, culturally relevant training, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), and many more. 

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Sustainability: Co-Conspirator Give Campaign

Everything Urban Triage has been able to accomplish up until now is & was because of you; because of your generous donations and commitment to our mission.

When we've made a bold request of you (our community), you've shown up and you've shown out. We're confident that you'll keep the same energy in 2021 and we'll have an even larger impact as a result of you becoming a recurring donor. We're asking that you give monthly to our organization to ensure the sustainability of our work. We're asking that you continue to walk the walk with us.

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