Emerging Adults Transitional Housing

Guiding youth to independent living

Emerging Adults Transitional Housing

Our Emerging Adults Transitional Housing initiative is referral-based.  Youth can only be referred through Dane County-certified agencies. The program is designed for individuals between the ages of 18 and 21. This program centers on those transitioning out of foster care or previously in foster care and who are seeking greater independence and stability. Our transitional housing is located on Madison's North Side. We'll offer a comprehensive support system beyond just providing a roof over their heads. We aim to uplift these individuals in various aspects of adult life and give them a path to permanent housing within two years. The house serves as the operational hub where these emerging adult residents will be nurtured with supportive services tailored to prepare them for the future. These services, provided by our dedicated support staff and community partners, will help residents learn vital skills that form the bedrock of independent living, such as:

  • Financial education with an emphasis on budgeting, savings, and credit-building
  • Employment readiness through interview preparation and resume writing
  • Renter etiquette to ensure residents understand the importance of lease compliance and tenant rights
  • Guidance on housing navigation and systems navigation to optimize the use of available resources
  • Learn essential skills for maintaining healthy relationships and managing healthcare 
  • Learn and perfect cooking, cleaning, and maintenance skills 
  • Conflict resolution skills and tools
  • We'll offer mental health support and direct referral for AODA supports 
  • Positive and cultural relative activities that foster a sense of community and personal growth 
  • Provide a framework for living in the community and building a network of support
  • Economic Support
  • Tools for increasing social and emotional wellbeing 

All these support layers will provide a foundation upon which these young adults will confidently develop their futures, ingraining resilience and fostering a community far beyond the house's walls.


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