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Urban Triage, Inc. was founded and rooted in the idea of: For the People, By the People. Our goal is to empower Black families and children by developing and managing life-changing programming and mobilizing community resources to distribute them to those most in need. 

We spent years building social capital and trust within our communities and within systems. We do this by engaging systems in implementing systematic, sustainable, and clinically sound approaches to health behavior and prevention, by of way of programming (advocacy) that systematically affects social variables such as education, accessibility of resources, class, and health, translating into positive health outcomes influencing significant health disparities at the community level. 

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  • Cultivating Healthy Youth: As a partner of schools and other institutions, we assess youth needs and provide wraparound support to them and their families. Youth are provided with career development, trauma recovery, financial survival education, and advocacy services. Additionally, we help unhoused youth find and secure housing.
  • Cultivating Healthy Communities: As part of our Supporting Healthy Black Families workgroups, we assess housing needs, offer housing support services, and deliver transformative educational programming. Our services support clients with trauma recovery, career development, and financial stability. Additionally, we provide advocacy and system navigation assistance to vulnerable populations, including the elderly.
  • Cultivating Healthy Co-Conspirators: Co-Conspirator Workgroups and consulting services bring about positive, permanent shifts in how we define and understand the depth and breadth of racism in the fight for Black Lives. Through transformative education, our consulting services enhance the social impact of businesses and organizations.

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