Transformative Education, Equity, and Social Justice Consulting

Bringing the expertise of Urban Triage, Inc. to your organization.

Want to bring Urban Triage, Inc. and Brandi Grayson's expertise to your organization? Below are some of the areas of consulting offered by our organization and the talented minds behind our brand.

Short- and Long-Term Training

Over the years, we have developed training programs around a wide range of content. We always tailor the specific training to your needs. Our training programs are delivered in a series of sessions with time for application in between each period. We offer training services in half-day and whole-day increments, but occasionally will conduct training of shorter periods.

Short- and Long-Term Consulting

If an organization is not yet ready for a full training series, we also provide ongoing consultation to organizational leaders, key stakeholders, or training personnel within the organization.

Individual Coaching

If an organization is seeking comprehensive growth and change, it is critical that organizational leadership be out in front of the rest of the staff. To support this, we offer a range of individual coaching services for organizational leaders.

Leadership Training

Effective leadership strategies regarding deep diversity, equity, and social justice issues are not often included within the stereotypical parameters of most “leadership training” programs. To compensate for this, we provide organizational leadership teams with specific frameworks that help them identify the content, messaging, and strategic planning necessary for effective leadership around this content.

Training-of-Trainers Program

Bringing in outside trainers is not a sustainable practice for any organization and needs to be supplanted with an internal source of deep diversity, equity, and social justice training. To meet this need, we offer Training-of-Trainers programs to help organizations develop and maintain an in-house training mechanism.

Strategic Planning and Mission Development

We provide frameworks of our own, or help you in your development and adaptation of your Strategic Plans and Mission through a deep diversity, equity, and social justice lens. This work, of course, is typically coupled with a training series for leadership and staff. Therefore, you should consider these two elements connected when considering your overall consulting needs.

Keynotes and Conference Presentations

We have a wide range of keynote and conference presentation topics to fit any size audience and any time frame. Please contact us to further discuss your needs and our offerings in this regard. 

Workshops Development and Facilitation

Information coming soon!


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