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Supporting Wisconsin's Black Farmers

Black Farmers once made up 14% of all Farmers; today, they only represent 1.3%. Farmers of color, particularly Black farmers, have experienced a long history of discrimination while losing 80% of their farmland over a century. We understand this did not happen by accident, much of this is a result of documented discrimination by the government. It is our goal at Urban Triage to support our Black Wisconsin Farmers as they strive to build financially stable wealth-building farm businesses with resources, programming, and support. We hope to lower the barrier to entry for Black Farmers to be successful in agriculture. Our Farm Business Development program will:

  • Assist Farmers in preparation for a business license
  • Support farmers throughout State or Federally run programs to encourage completion
  • Provide support for programs covering
    • Business Management
    • Business Development
    • Value-added and Marketing
    • Grant Writing
  • Assist Farmers in sourcing land
  • Provide an up-to-date list of resources for farmers

If you are a Black Farmer or Entrepreneur in Wisconsin looking to improve your Farm Business, please sign up below.

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