Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture

Returning to the earth to heal from our past.

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Alex with volunteer
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Volunteers working on getting the beds ready!
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Houseplant Giveaway 2021
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Kids helping out!
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Proud Artist, we call this piece, "Strawberry Identification Sign"
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Creativity at it's best!
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Harvesting garlic
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Ruthanna watering some thirsty plants

Our New SHBA Hemp Specialty Crop Workgroup has Started!

The Hemp Specialty Crop Program for Black Entrepreneurs is a comprehensive program designed to provide education and support for individuals interested in the hemp industry. This program covers various aspects of hemp cultivation, harvesting, processing, marketing, and business strategy. The program takes place at two locations: the Farley Center in Verona and 2312 S. Park Street. Classes are held on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm throughout the hemp harvest season. The program will continue until the hemp product is completed, which is expected to be by November.

Each student accepted into the program will receive a $2,500 grant to support their business venture. To be eligible to receive the grant at the end of the program, students must attend a minimum of 90% of the program sessions and successfully complete all coursework and assignments.

To join the waitlist for the Hemp Specialty Crop Program for Black Entrepreneurs, please click HERE.

About Our Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture Program

Through advocacy, transformative education, collaboration, and connecting to nature, our Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture (SHBA) workgroups address the root of health disparities and inequalities in our community while providing the space and opportunity for healing for Black families.

SHBA is a 12-week leadership workgroup series designed to empower and inspire breakthroughs and transformation in Black communities.  Our workgroup teaches the basics of growing your own food as well as the entrepreneurial benefits/opportunities in the agriculture field. Our mission is to bring sustainability back into agriculture while providing bonding time and healing space for Black families and opportunities for community members to learn about agriculture from the Black experience. To make our work more impactful, we dive into the many societal pressures that keep Black people from pursuing agricultural careers such as land access, culturally relevant training, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), and much more.

To join the waitlist for the next cohort, click HERE.

Agriculture and White Supremacy

SHBA is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in how we define and understand the ways white supremacy racism impacts our food systems. These shifts are the direct cause for a new kind of freedom and POWER – the freedom to acknowledge and accept our painful history with agriculture, and the personal power to do something about it. Thus, impacting the confidence with which Black people live their lives and feed their families.

Utilizing the framework of Dr. Joy DeGruy’s post-traumatic slave syndrome, Urban Triage’s transformative education model looks at the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that Black people have faced due to the ongoing and persistent trauma associated with existing within the context of white supremacy racism. Our framework focuses on adaptive behaviors that were developed as a result of the trauma – both positive and negative – that have allowed Black people to survive and often even thrive. The design of our framework for SHBA moves Black people from being recipients of services (traditional nonprofits) to individuals with agency, autonomy, and self-efficiency that support and empower their leadership and personal development.

SHBA Workgroup - COHORT Details

Our SHBA workgroup inspires and empowers breakthroughs and transformation within Black families. It is a chance for parents and children to learn and grow together through nature, agriculture practices, team building, and healing exercises. Our workgroups are Saturdays 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, every other week in the field, and every other week on Wednesday evenings, via Zoom, from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, excluding holidays, for 12 weeks. For the weeks we are in the field, the first 2 hours of class will be outside in the garden and the last hour will be a lunch and lecture, held in our training space. 

Participants are eligible to receive a garden bed installed at their homes to continue some of the agriculture practices they learn. Whether you own or rent, we have garden bed options for most households, and our staff are available to work with landlords if needed.

There is a $50/week stipend for parents and a $25/week stipend for youth

If you are interested in joining us for Cohort 4, please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for information about joining the next cohort.  You may also join our waitlist by clicking HERE.


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Support Black families in growing their own food while they are learning the basics and advanced techniques of agriculture. We are short a few things, so donate today! Please see the full wish list below!

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You can drop off items Monday-Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, at 2312 S. Park St. in Madison, WI 53713.


We need volunteers for our Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture (SHBA) workgroup which started May 6th, 2023.  As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work outside this summer and witness growth both in nature and in the families participating in this innovative and rewarding program! 

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Farm Business Development

It is our goal at Urban Triage to support our Black Wisconsin Farmers as they strive to build financially stable wealth-building farm businesses with resources, programming, and support. We hope to lower the barrier to entry for Black Farmers to be successful in agriculture. If you are a Black Farmer or Entrepreneur in Wisconsin looking to improve your Farm Business, click HERE!

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