Supporting Healthy Black Employment

Creating pathways and diversifying the workforce in  the trades


The Supporting Healthy Black Employment program is a vital initiative dedicated to improving employment prospects for Black and vulnerable communities. This program operates through a strategic partnership with the Prodigal System Academy and focuses on providing comprehensive carpentry training with a specialization in wood framing.

Program Highlights

  • Carpentry Training: Participants receive hands-on training, developing expertise specifically in the area of residential and commercial carpentry.
  • Certification: On completing the program, graduates are awarded an OSHA certification, which signifies their readiness to uphold safety standards in the workplace.
  • Job Placement: Ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce, the program collaborates with local construction firms to secure job placements for its graduates.
  • Additional Support Services: To complement the technical training, Urban Triage offers participants further assistance and a curriculum designed to nurture and sustain healthy Black families. 

Program Goals

  • Equip individuals with marketable skills and certifications essential for career success in the carpentry industry.
  • Strengthen community by enhancing job opportunities and promoting economic well-being.
  • Foster an environment where participants can thrive professionally, as well as in their personal lives.

By prioritizing the needs of Black and vulnerable communities, the Supporting Healthy Black Employment program serves as more than just a skill-building opportunity—it's a pathway to career success and overall well-being.

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