Emergency Response Team

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The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a strategic development and immersive training program that equips Black parents and community members with the skills and tools required to advocate, be present, inspire and empower Black children. While centering children who are LGBTQ and students with learning disabilities.

Black children with learning disabilities and who identify as LGBTQ are one of a handful of social groups who are ‘least often heard and most often excluded’ (DH, 2009, p. 14) and they are almost always under-represented in the client base of both voluntary and statutory service providers (Mencap, 2009).

Their experience, and that of their families who care for them, has certain distinguishing features, notably: lack of accessible information regarding both learning disabilities and the support services available to them; lack of culturally appropriate services; stereotyping: viewing the Black community as a single, homogeneous group, thus overlooking differences within and between communities; difficulty understanding the system: as one mother of two children with learning disabilities comments, ‘I don’t know what the rules are and I don’t know who can tell me the rules’, as well as difficulty navigating the system(s).

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