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Urban Triage, Inc.'s COVID-19 Assistance Request

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Urban Triage, Inc. has been working tirelessly to support Black families since its inception. Amid the planning and piloting, the world as we knew it changed forever. COVID-19 hit, and the population affected the most was and is Black families. To support families through the pandemic, we shifted our focus to create supports specific to the needs of Black families and those most vulnerable and impacted by COVID-19. 

Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers

When our focus shifted, we were met with opportunities to develop coordinated services and supports through multiple partnerships and collaborations to support families efficiently and effectively. This includes a collaboration of 15 Black-led organizations, known now as Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers ("DCCBSP" or the "Collaboration"), which is composed of small, grassroots to mid-sized community-based organizations that have been mobilizing since early March to meet the needs of those most affected by COVID-19. The collaboration was awarded $200,000 from the United Way of Dane County's COVID-19 Relief Fund, and is managed by the lead-applicant, Brandi Grayson, founder and CEO of Urban Triage, Inc. and Karen Reece, Vice President of Nehemiah Community Development Corporation. DCCBSP represents an unprecedented partnership to mobilize a coordinated efforts aimed at mitigating and minimizing the health, economic, and social impacts of the current crisis on communities of color. 

“Our organizations have spent years building trust within Black communities and within systems and are deeply rooted in the communities we serve,” says Grayson. “The collaboration has created a people-centered process by providing a coordinated rapid response to immediate needs.” 

Each of the 15 organizations has been inundated with urgent requests for assistance that far exceed their individual capacities. The funds will be divided evenly among each organization to serve individuals and families in their areas of expertise. The collaborative will connect individuals and families directly to organizations that can best meet their needs as well as coordinate to provide wrap-around services efficiently. 

“Never has this collaboration been more important as the communities we collectively serve absorb the health and economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic”, said Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness CEO and President Lisa Peyton-Caire. “These dollars are enabling us to alleviate the mounting stress individuals and families are facing right now, and as we urge our local and state leadership to devise recovery efforts that center equity and build resilience for all Wisconsin citizens.” 


C-Collaborate towards unified goals of supporting our community

O-Operate strategically to navigate traditional barriers established through white supremacy

L-Listen intentionally with a shared goal of change

L-Learn together from past mistakes

E-Engage with allies around this work while maintaining the integrity

C-Communicate as one voice advocating for the voiceless

T-Teach the next generation their value through our collective actions

I-Innovate our approach to connecting with donors who believe in the work

V-Value each other's views and work

E-Empower our people

The organizations represented in the collective Collaboration include:

For more information about this collaboration, please visit our DCCBSP page.

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COVID-19 Assistance Request

Urban Triage, Inc.'s COVID-19 Resources

In addition to our collaborative efforts, Urban Triage, Inc. has expanded our support services to include gift cards, additional rental assistance, food pantry coordinated support including delivery, and we provide 100 home cooked meals, weekly, via our partnership with Ribmasters’ food cart. 

For updates and locations of the food cart please follow our Facebook group below.

Urban Triage COVID-19 Resource Group

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Additional Partners

Urban Triage, Inc.’s efforts are possible through our amazing partners including NMotion Non-Medical Transportation, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Sherman Ave United Methodist Church, and SS Morris Community AME Church; as well as United Way of Dane County and Boys and Girls Club of Dane County who both awarded Urban Triage, Inc. funds to do the work. As of May 1, 2020, Urban Triage, Inc. has assisted more than 1,400 people with COVID-19 relief efforts; distributed more than $100K in support of COVID-19 relief efforts; and supported 125 families through advocacy with Urban Triage, Inc. We are extremely proud of our community's support and trust bestowed upon us as an organization. We are YOUR community non-profit.

Please follow our Facebook page and our Facebook group for up-to-date information.  

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