Urban Triage, Dane County to provide emergency rental assistance

July 08, 2021

Media Contact:

Aja Shumate

Marketing Coordinator

Urban Triage, Inc.

E | ashumate@urbantriage.org


Urban Triage Announces partnership with Dane County to allocate 10.6 million dollars in rental assistance funds. 

"In partnership with Dane County, Urban Triage has improved processes to assure the prompt allocation of funds to families in need of financial assistance for rental arrears, fees, and forward rent. We're eager to offer stigma-free and humanity-centered supports to our community. This moment is historic for many reasons; most importantly, we are an organization for the people, by the people, grassroots, Black centered, and community-based providing supports for all...in partnership with Dane County. It's a big deal. We're excited." -Brandi Grayson

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