Black Families are Thriving Through Adversity with Urban Triage, Inc.

May 10, 2020

Urban Triage, Inc. (UT) is proud to present Thriving Through Adversity, a collection of programming and workshops dedicated to a bold approach of supporting and advocating for Black families in the City of Madison during the COVID-19 pandemic, in partnership with Madison Metropolitan School District.

UT has been working tirelessly to support Black families since 2015 and became an official 501c3 organization in 2019. Amid strategic planning and piloting, the world as we knew it changed forever. COVID-19 hit and the population affected the most was our Black families. To support families through the pandemic, UT shifted its focus to create supports specific to the needs of Black families created by COVID-19. UT began to ask what the world would look like for Black families after the pandemic. Would the job market be the same? Would Black children need additional supports? What would the “new normal'' look like? How could UT support Black families to Thrive Through Adversity?

In response to these questions, UT is proud to have partnered with a number of community organizations to put the needs of Black families at the forefront. Current initiatives include COVID 19 Relief Efforts in partnership with United Way of Dane County and the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. UT was awarded $17,000 by BGCDC and $200,000 by United Way of Dane County creating a historical collaboration of 15 Black lead organizations—Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers (DCCBSP). Providing supports and services for those who are most vulnerable and impacted by COVID-19.

DCCBSP Partner Organizations:

UT is on a mission to meet Black families where they’re at. Providing transformative education by way of our Supporting Healthy Black Families (SHBF) training, launching our 3rd cohort on April 28, 2020 in partnership with United Way of Dane County, UW Health, and other generous funders and donors. In addition to our newly founded Black Excellence Madison Metropolitan School District partnership.

Adding to UT achievement they were recently recognized by Community Shares as one of three organizations featured in the Inspiring Voices Program, which included an award of $2,000.

Urban Triage, Inc. is on a mission to empower Black families and co-conspirators while mobilizing community resources and distributing them to those most in need. At the same time engaging systems in implementing systematic, sustainable, equitable, and clinically sound approaches to health behavior and prevention. UT is poised to do this through education, community support services, and advocacy--that systematically reduces and eventually works to eliminate barriers such as inadequate education, lack of access to resources, and class and health disparities. Our goal is to promote positive health outcomes and reduce significant health disparities at the community level through first meeting basic needs and then engaging communities through educational opportunities and effective advocacy at multiple levels.  UT stands in the gap for those most in need through advocacy, and critical coordinated services between partner organizations, city officials, and community resources. Most critically, with the community trust and track record to carry out the work.

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