Channel3000: Urban Triage opens community space on Park Street

November 15, 2020

MADISON, Wis.– After years of building the foundation of Urban Triage from home, the team opened a community space in Madison, where everyone will have a seat at their table.

“We want Black people to come to this space and feel at home, like they could just be here all day long,” Founder and CEO Brandi Grayson said.

Urban Triage is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower and educate Black families, while fighting for an equitable community.

“Part of Urban Triage’s mission is to cause and create,” Grayson said. “Help families with the tools and skills of navigating the world by first learning to navigate oneself.”

The community space includes a large gathering room, shared and private offices, a conference room, a kitchen and a children’s room.

Urban Triage is now located at 2312 South Park Street, in the former UW South Partnership space.

“We are community funded,” Grayson said. “Everything you see, someone gave to us.”

Urban Triage raised more than $100,000 for the space. Donations will be needed to keep it going.

“You guys have been coming through. That’s what community is about. So, continue, because sustainability is y’all,” Grayson said.

In this space, Grayson said Urban Triage will continue to inspire Black economic empowerment and dismantle health disparities in the community.

“This space is uber important, not just for the programming, but for the social consciousness of Blackness,” Grayson said.

Urban Triage will set up permanent office hours once COVID-19 is no longer an issue.

Donations for the space can be made on the Urban Triage, located here.

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