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09/04/20 Blog: Success in the Capital City but Not On a State Level

September 4, 2020

A lot has happened in Wisconsin politics this past week. We made history, locally, and repeated history on a state level within 72 hours. I’m finding it hard to celebrate one without acknowledging the other. On a local level, we were able to make a small step towards community control of police. For the past five years, community leaders in Madison have been applying pressure on the City Council to create a board to oversee the actions of the Madison Police Department.

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08/25/20 Blog: Supporting Healthy Black Families

August 25, 2020

Supporting Healthy Black Families (SHBF) Workgroups are transforming lives in the Black community in Madison, WI. Participants are empowered to become self-aware, take accountability, and take ownership of their lives and the lives of their families. The methodology of Supporting Healthy Black Families creates the opportunities and possibilities for Black people to have breakthroughs and transformation that’s life changing. SHBF is designed to bring about positive, permanent shifts in how Black people define and understand the depth and breadth of white supremacy racism. Shifts that are the direct cause for a new kind of freedom and POWER—the freedom to acknowledge and accept our history, and the personal power to do something about it— while increasing the confidence, self-worth, and personal power of Black people. Ultimately, affecting how we live our lives and directly impacting health disparities.

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BLM merchandise from Urban Root is now ready!

August 22, 2020

First orders are in and ready to be delivered! Over the next few days Urban Root will be dropping off your BLM merchandise to your front porch. We cannot wait to see everyone with their swag and don’t forget to tag Urban Triage and Urban Root in your photos!

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Green Bay Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy and his wife, Laurie, donate $250,000 to social justice organizations in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Madison

July 29, 2020

The Green Bay Packers on Wednesday announced that the organization is donating two player-directed $125,000 grants, one to Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and one to Sherman Phoenix, as part of the team's ongoing pledge to support social justice and racial equality in Wisconsin communities. Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy and his wife, Laurie, will be matching the effort through a $250,000 donation of their own to social justice organizations: $100,000 to #ConnectMilwaukee, and $50,000 each to Maroon Calabash in Milwaukee, We All Rise in Green Bay, and Urban Triage in Madison.

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