Sustainability: Co-Conspirator Give Campaign

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Everything Urban Triage has been able to accomplish in three is & was because of you; because of your generous donations and commitment to our mission. When we've made a bold request of you (our community), you've shown up, and you've shown out.

We've served over 10,000 individuals because of you; We've prevented over 5,000 evictions because of you; We've provided over 10,000 meals because of you; We've empowered and inspired over 3,000 Black families in the Dane county area because of you and distributed more than $18 million in resources to our community because of YOU!

And we're confident that you'll keep the same energy in 2023, and we'll have an even larger impact as a result of you becoming a recurring donor. We're asking that you give monthly to our organization to ensure the sustainability of our work. We're asking that you continue to walk the walk with us.

We know that leadership is uber important to our work. We also know that sustainability is intrinsically connected to our finances which directly impacts our work.

Many may know that multiple funding sources are required to stabilize any nonprofit's mission and impact. Reliance on single-source grants or affluent donors could result in a significant loss of funding in the blink of an eye. To protect our organization, we must lean on you, our community. We must cultivate recurring donations from those who support the work, believe in the mission of Urban Triage, and consistently answer our calls to action.

With the support of a consultant, we've looked at our financial health and assessed what's required for sustainability, and the area we need to cultivate the most is recurring donations. Support Urban Triage by becoming part of history by supporting our sustainability and capacity building by donating monthly.

As you may know, we love audacious goals, and we meet them every time with your support. So, we're ending 2022, intending to enroll 1500 people into our Co-Conspirator give program/recurring donor program in the next 90 days. Each month we'll spotlight and honor our supporters. Each month we'll announce what we've been able to achieve and the impact on our capacity and the work.

Every quarter we'll honor Co-Conspirators with a private event and Black table discussions with our CEO, Brandi Grayson, on various topics. In addition, donors who give for six consecutive months will be allowed to utilize our community space for their own private event (as scheduling allows) for free.

Join the change-makers. Join the work of standing in the gaps for those most vulnerable. Join the Urban Triage Squad as a Co-Conspirator for Black lives by enrolling in recurring donations.

WE ARE BECAUSE OF YOU!! We are a non-profit organization funded by the people, for the people.

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