Community Space Campaign

Creating a Space for Transformative Education, Leadership, and Healing


Urban Triage, Inc. is proud to announce that we will be moving into the old UW South Partnership space located at 2312 S Park St, Madison WI 53713.

We are excited and humbled by the opportunity to expand our supports and services to the Black community in Dane County.

Our Commitment

We are committed to empowering and inspiring breakthroughs and transformation by way of education and leadership in Black families and Black communities and mobilizing community resources to distribute to those most in need. As dedicated advocates for those we serve, we offer community support resources and transformative programming, including but not limited to community support services, transformational education, advocacy, economic empowerment, and cultural opportunities.

The Next Phase of Transformation

We are on a mission to decrease health disparities and improve the overall quality of life in Black communities we serve by way of personal leadership and advocacy training by utilizing our transformative methodology that includes linking individuals to institutions, networks, and resources.

Scholars and practitioners alike are in agreement that creating and maintaining active involvement through associations and/or groups of all kinds are an important feature of strong communities, as well creative spaces that say you are welcomed and we’re here to serve.

Urban Triage, Inc. is a community nonprofit – For the People, By the People – with community enrollment and active community involvement as the foundation to outreach and the effectiveness of all our programming. We are now looking to make 2312 S. Park St. our home and community space which will allow us to expand our capacity while sending the message to ALL Black people that they are welcomed, and that we are here to serve.  

This is where you come in. We need your support in creating a space that is compatible with youth programing, community support services, community engagement, and a training facility. We are creating a community space that anchors Dane County Black community and provides services that celebrate Black culture and heritage.

Our community space will include:

  • Community Resource and Library
  • Art Exhibition
  • Supporting Healthy Black Families Workgroup
  • Co-conspirator Training
  • Small Business Technical Assistance
  • Meeting and Event Rentals
  • Community Engagement Events
  • Community Support Services
  • Civic Engagement Events
  • Youth Programming

Healing Our Pasts

Because of YOU we are. Because of you, we have been able to stand in the gap for those most in need through advocacy, transformative education, and critical coordinated services between partner organizations, city officials, and community resources. We do this with the community's trust and track record to carry out the work. We do this through community investment.

In 2019, Urban Triage, Inc. work was 100% funded by the community. In 2020, 80% of our work is funded by the community, also known as YOU. It is because of you we have been able to impact more than 800 families. It is because of you we were able to allocate $288,000 in supports and services in response to COVID-19.

And it will be because of you, that we will provide a creative space that centers Black voices, Black needs, and Black families.

Our programming and services are delivered using a transformative education model that looks at the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that Black people have faced and are facing as a result of the ongoing and persistent trauma associated with existing within the context of white supremacy racism in an effort to understand the trauma, mitigate its effects, and create opportunities for healing. This model moves Black people from being recipients of services associated with traditional nonprofits to individuals with agency, autonomy, and self-efficacy that support and empower their leadership and personal development.

Our programming and services include:

  • Supporting Healthy Black Families’ Workgroups
  • Co-Conspirator Workgroups
  • Parent Leadership Development
  • Collaborative Partnerships
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Professional & Personal Development
  • Advocacy and Social Justice Work
  • Disability Rights
  • Psychoeducation
  • Trauma Responsive Leadership Development
  • Psychotherapy
  • Support Groups
  • Interventions
  • Crisis Response Services
  • Community Support Services

The Need for Creating Space for Transformation and Healing

As stated previously, your support is imperative in increasing our footprint by way of building out our community space located on Madison’s South Side. Increased space and purpose-focused design will allow us the opportunity to expand existing programs and services and implement new ways to support Black youth and families throughout Dane County.

The needs of Black communities in Dane County are multifaceted and require multiple approaches and initiatives that occur simultaneously. Urban Triage, Inc. is on a mission to do just that. We need your support in doing so.

We are looking to raise $100,000 to cover the expense of creating a space for all Black people – a space that is culturally sound, welcoming, creative, and includes all the necessities required to capture and engage Black youth, families, and other populations that are often forgotten and most vulnerable.

Your support will allow us to purchase office furniture, build out the space, design the space, purchase equipment (refrigerator, computers, printer, dehumidifier, air purifier, PPE supplies, signage, etc.), and provide space for youth programming, childcare during training and workgroup sessions, community support services, community engagement, and other transformative educational events and activities. Your donation will also support the hiring of a receptionist to provide guidance and supports for community members.

Our Legacy in the Making

Our Mission:

To foster, develop, and strengthen Black families’ self-sufficiency, community leadership, advocacy, and family success through psychoeducation, community engagement, trauma response, healing, and cultural heritage.

Our Vision:

To empower and inspire breakthroughs and transformation by way of education and leadership in Black children, Black women, Black men, and Black communities.

Our Impact:

Many reports confirm that Wisconsin, specifically Dane County, has the grossest disparities in the nation. The data obtained by reports such as Race to Equity, support the need for our programming and the increasing demand of our services. This year, we have:

  • Coordinated the first, ever, collaboration of Black service providers, now known as the Dane County Collaboration of Black Service Providers.
  • Supported more than 800 families through our advocacy and funding support.
  • Served more than 6,400 individuals and small businesses through our coordinated services and efforts.
  • Provided more than $293K in funding to support COVID-19 relief efforts.
  • Through the Collaboration, spent nearly $200K to support COVID-19 relief efforts.
  • Assisted 1,600 families through the Collaboration’s various funding options including rental assistance, food, utilities, etc.
  • Provided more than $75K to families for rental assistance and eviction prevention services.
  • Provided more than $10K to individuals and families for food and food delivery services.
  • Provided more than $103K to support individuals and families with gift cards, stipends, utility payment assistance, cell phone bill, cable bill, small business relief efforts, car note, coordinated services, advocacy, etc.

Join Us for Building a Better Future

Promoting healthy Black families and fostering a sense of responsibility within the community today will lead to a stronger Dane County tomorrow. By supporting this project, you will become part of a legacy of ground-breaking work and collaborations in the Black community.

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