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Mixing, refining, and innovating, I'm committed to providing you with luscious creations made with intentionally sourced ingredients. I use the finest world sourced chocolate couvertures with a preference for single origin chocolates manufactured in the countries of origin thereby keeping a greater share of revenues in those communities. ​ My flavor combinations are inspired by my local community but also by my diverse background which includes my father from Kenya, my step father from Iran, my Irish maternal grandmother and Russian maternal grandfather. I seek to introduce you to flavors of the world in a small, unforgettable bite. From saffron infused truffles, or white peach mint caramels, to single origin chocolate mousses, my quest to create the perfect pairings and to bring you the best taste experience will hopefully stimulate all of your senses and feed your soul. ​ I use the freshest ingredients available without artificial preservatives and source all ingredients locally and ethically where possible. I believe that the best tasting foods are made with ingredients you find close to home. I'm committed to using only Wisconsin cream and butter and partnering with local food producers and other makers like myself. If we all do our part to invest in each other, we can create sustainable economies - a mission that's more important than ever.


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Our regular hours are Friday and Saturday from noon to 6 pm and Sunday from noon to 5 pm. However, due to COVID19 we are only conducting business through our online shop for shipping or for pickup at our pick up window outside of our shop. Our shop will be locked with pickup available outside. We highly recommend that you follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out the latest news with regard to our business.


1815 East Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53704

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